Sunday, May 16, 2010

Old school...

I hate the fact that I don't have a photo to share of Angie and myself from this afternoon. So to pay tribute to my friend of 6 years, here is an oldie from 2005! How fitting this was taken in 'Blonde' soon after it opened. What memories we all made there! 'Blonde' is closing it's doors this month. Perfect timing IMO!

Sushi & Sake!

Another Kansas City weekend with wonderful friends! First stop - 'Nara' for sushi! Amaaazing. I want more. Now. Then today, I ate brunch at the best place in town for such a meal - 'Sharpe's' in Brookside. Wish I had a photo of Angie and I to share as well, but I totally forgot (I blame the sake headache for that one). Ah well, I will share my lovely friends Stephanie and Brooks. Hope they visit me in Georgia! I will miss them! :(

Friday, May 14, 2010

This summer's safe tan experiment brought to you by...


Okay, so I am supposed to be at Starbucks with my cosmo textbook out, since my theory exam is less than 3 weeks away, however here I am trying to bronze myself before the weekend. I think I am becoming something of an expert in the best way to fake it. If I had the cashflow, I would always have a professional airbrush done, but I just can't afford a weekly appointment. Last week, I stepped into a 'Mystic Tan' booth. First, they scare me. I have a mild panic attack each time the spraying begins and end up inhaling most of the mist into my mouth. Secondly, it never fails that my feet look as if I have been stomping around in clay.

So, last night I decided to buy some at-home airbrush tanner by L'Oreal.

Let's not forget that L'Oreal owns Lancome and it is (seriously) the EXACT same stuff in different packaging. Anyway...I sprayed on my first application last night and went to bed nervous, but this morning I only had a slight glow. No orange, no streaks. This is a good thing, however I do wish the color was a little darker. I applied some more about 30-minutes ago. I will let you know how that turns out! There must be a point where it goes from hardly-noticeable to tangerine, right?

Two other products I am loving so far include L'Oreal's 'Sublime Bronze One Day Gel'. This wash-off gel stays on when I go out (it didn't leave underarm marks on my ivory top last weekend!) and it has a very slight shimmer. Once the first layer is dry, you can add more to make it darker. I was afraid to go past two!

Also, to avoid summertime "cake face" (as my boyfriend so lovingly called it and now denies), I like Cover Girl 'Aqua Smoothers'. It is a tinted moisturizer with enough pigment to actually provide some coverage (unlike most tinted moisturizers). Be warned that the medium/dark is preettty dark and only works if you are tan (fake tan, of course).

Okay, so now I reeeally must start studying!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Love my friends!

What a great weekend! I am in the process of trying to see as many of my KC friends before I move to Georgia so this weekend I enjoyed tapas and wine at 'Extra Virgin' with my former roommate, Amy, and my friend, Melissa. We then met more friends out for drinks and a little dancing. I hadn't been out with the girls in sooo long! To finish out a fab weekend, dinner with the fam for Mother's Day & my very first (real!) Chanel bag! Woo hoo! I am exhausted, but excited to do it all again next weekend! Gotta make those memories before I go!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Only 3 weeks! Cannot wait to see this movie!

Also looking forward to all the events geared towards the fairer half of the thirty-something set. Makes me want to shop for summer dresses & fabulous shoes!

The Last Dance

I found this post on another blog and when I read it it gave me chills because I could so strongly identify with each word. So many times in the last nine years I have thought about my choice to stop dancing. I know my experiences in life would've been very, very different had I continued down that path.

"Some years ago I decided to stop dancing. Rather than allow my health to downgrade my dancing, I would stop before humiliating myself in front of an audience. I've not worn point shoes since that day. Not even in private. I took my last pair of pointe shoes for one last spin and then cast one of them in the garbage bin and left the studio. It was gutwrenching. The other of the two slippers I have kept, tucked away in my closet. Today, I tool my old friend out of the closet and we sat a while, thinking of old times, the times when I could fly. The ribbon was loosened and the shoe placed on my foot. It still fits, but without a mate, I cannot take it for a ride. So with a sigh, the ribbon is tucked around the heel again and the shoe, after one more portrait, was put out of sight again." (By aletta @ "Pandora's Costume Box")

♥ King Barkley ♥

Stumbled across this painting recently & I am convinced that this is supposed to be my Barkley!

Hmmm...uncanny, isn't it??? He def thinks he rules over the household!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What I am obsessing about now...

I am sooo looking forward to my move down to Augusta next month and I really just can't help myself when it comes to obsessing about home decor every time I move. This time it's a little more challenging because it's not just me that has to be happy with the end result. Today's word of the day: Compromise. I know some women share homes with men who could care less...not me. Simple, modern, masculine...I believe that is what he'd like in our space. I love the first two ideas, but the masculine part is something that I am having trouble with. I mean, I have been coveting baby pink Kitchenaid appliances for years now! Anyway, to go along with my word of the day, I have been thinking of color palettes that blur the line between feminine and masculine. My current fave is chocolate brown and blue. I prefer teal, he prefers a shade without green. Either way, I plan on matching the blue for painting an accent wall behind our bed. This photo gives you an idea of what I am going for even though I know he will totally veto bedding with so many swirls and such....

I adore the bedding pictured below. Alas, he does not.

(bedding can be found @

Dying for a margarita!

It's Cinco De Mayo and I am skipping the tequila for the first time in years. Kinda bummed out! Though drinking at home on a Wednesday is probably not a good idea, I am keeping this recipe handy for the first chance I get to make margaritas! Sounds delicious!

Lime wedges
Coarse salt
Pineapple juice 4 cups
Lime juice 1 cup
Gold tequila 2/3 cup
Orange liqueur 1/3 cup
Ice cubes

Run lime wedges around rims of 6 margarita glasses. Press and twist rims into salt in small saucer.
Combine next pineapple juice, lime juice, tequila & orange liqueur in pitcher. Makes about 6 cups. Add ice cubes & garnish with lime wedges!

Speaking of shoes...

How great are these? Thank you to whomever invented these wonderful heel protectors! Now you don't have to wear wedges or flats to outdoor weddings or parties. Too bad it's too late for so many of my favorites.

SoleMates found here:

On a happier note...

These shoes made my heart flutter. Must. Find.

Party? Hell yes! Pool party? Um...not so much.

"What are the two most feared words in the English language?"
“Pool party.”
The Women (Warner Brothers, 2008)

So my going-away shindig has been planned for Memorial Weekend. Since I very well could be back in Kansas City in October, I didn't want a big hurrah over my leaving for half of a year. However once the Evite was made, and the mass text was sent, I started getting a little excited to at least be able to see all of my great friends one last time, and in a festive setting. Sadly, the hostess had a family conflict and had to cancel on me. Even sadder? Three more options opened up...and they all involve a pool. Would it be wise to let the image they remember of me be a soft, jiggly one? Could I pull off a stylish sarong without being nagged about removing it? Can I justify the carcinogenic rays of UV bulbs so I don't blind my friends with my paleness? I am thinking the answer is, "NO", to all the previous questions. What to do, what to do??? Did I really think I could go 9 years without an excersize regime? UGH. I guess I am back on South Beach and shopping for a one-piece....

Monday, May 3, 2010

Been Gone Too Long!

This is so like me to start a project with such enthusiasm and then forget about it! But here I am again, and I am gonna try and be better about keeping up with this blog .

My excuse for my absence is that my boyfriend was home on leave for 2 weeks and the week before that I was in Columbus, Georgia watching him graduate from OCS! I am so proud of him!

Besides his graduation ceremony, we also had our first Army "ball". It really wasn't a ball, but more of just a dinner with speakers, so I am not sure why they call that. It was a lot of fun though. We both got really dressed up and had some cocktails and the food was great. I definitely want to go to as many of these formals as possible! I love any excuse to wear a gown!

I didn't get to see too much of Columbus, but we did make a stop at the Dinglewood Pharmacy to eat a "Scrambled Dawg", which came highly recommended by one of my best friends, and Columbus native, Marla.

We stayed at the adorable Uchee Creek Cabins, which I would recommend for anyone who is going to be staying at Fort Benning. They are very reasonably priced. If you have kids, or even dogs, they are the place to be! I didn't bring Barkley, but I know he would've had enjoyed chasing after the lizards and frogs that found their way into our cabin!

Chris & I caught a couple Royals games when he was home and I am so glad we did because it looks like I will be moving to Augusta (Fort Gordon) in about 6 weeks and will be missing the rest of the baseball season. I am beyond excited to be able to move down there with him. He is already there and in the process of furnishing the apartment. I get to do the decorating! Woo hoo!

Oh, and my other big news is that I finally signed up for my cosmetology state boards! Now I have to start studying. I am kind of nervous since I started school so long ago and feel like I may have lost some of the information. I plan on taking my practical the day before I move to Augusta so I have one chance to pass it. pressure, huh?! I will apply for reciprocity so I will hold dual licenses in Georgia and Kansas. Finally I will actually get paid for all the hair I do! Yay!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Not really the way I wanted to start spring...

Please allow me to vent for a few's the first day of spring and we are under a winter storm advisory in my neck of the woods. We went from 67 on Thursday to a lovely 26 today. The icy roads are back and my space heater is on again! What a teaser we had this week with all the sunshine!

And on to something really, really, KU??? Did the #1 team in the country just let it slip away like that? UGH! Not good! Makes me want to throw in the towel on my diet and have a beer! :(

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Warming up for the next holiday...

Do you know what you are looking at here? That's right, Rice Crispy Easter Eggs!! I am patting myself on the back for my creativity, yet shaking my head due to the fact that I ate a lot of gooey mix as I made these treats. Thanks to my mom for adding the Rice Crispy "grass" at the bottom of the bowl :)

And, yes, I know Easter is nearly three weeks away, but these are going to a good home tomorrow. With five children in the house, I have a feeling they will be gone before spring break is over!