Friday, May 14, 2010

This summer's safe tan experiment brought to you by...


Okay, so I am supposed to be at Starbucks with my cosmo textbook out, since my theory exam is less than 3 weeks away, however here I am trying to bronze myself before the weekend. I think I am becoming something of an expert in the best way to fake it. If I had the cashflow, I would always have a professional airbrush done, but I just can't afford a weekly appointment. Last week, I stepped into a 'Mystic Tan' booth. First, they scare me. I have a mild panic attack each time the spraying begins and end up inhaling most of the mist into my mouth. Secondly, it never fails that my feet look as if I have been stomping around in clay.

So, last night I decided to buy some at-home airbrush tanner by L'Oreal.

Let's not forget that L'Oreal owns Lancome and it is (seriously) the EXACT same stuff in different packaging. Anyway...I sprayed on my first application last night and went to bed nervous, but this morning I only had a slight glow. No orange, no streaks. This is a good thing, however I do wish the color was a little darker. I applied some more about 30-minutes ago. I will let you know how that turns out! There must be a point where it goes from hardly-noticeable to tangerine, right?

Two other products I am loving so far include L'Oreal's 'Sublime Bronze One Day Gel'. This wash-off gel stays on when I go out (it didn't leave underarm marks on my ivory top last weekend!) and it has a very slight shimmer. Once the first layer is dry, you can add more to make it darker. I was afraid to go past two!

Also, to avoid summertime "cake face" (as my boyfriend so lovingly called it and now denies), I like Cover Girl 'Aqua Smoothers'. It is a tinted moisturizer with enough pigment to actually provide some coverage (unlike most tinted moisturizers). Be warned that the medium/dark is preettty dark and only works if you are tan (fake tan, of course).

Okay, so now I reeeally must start studying!!

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