Monday, May 3, 2010

Been Gone Too Long!

This is so like me to start a project with such enthusiasm and then forget about it! But here I am again, and I am gonna try and be better about keeping up with this blog .

My excuse for my absence is that my boyfriend was home on leave for 2 weeks and the week before that I was in Columbus, Georgia watching him graduate from OCS! I am so proud of him!

Besides his graduation ceremony, we also had our first Army "ball". It really wasn't a ball, but more of just a dinner with speakers, so I am not sure why they call that. It was a lot of fun though. We both got really dressed up and had some cocktails and the food was great. I definitely want to go to as many of these formals as possible! I love any excuse to wear a gown!

I didn't get to see too much of Columbus, but we did make a stop at the Dinglewood Pharmacy to eat a "Scrambled Dawg", which came highly recommended by one of my best friends, and Columbus native, Marla.

We stayed at the adorable Uchee Creek Cabins, which I would recommend for anyone who is going to be staying at Fort Benning. They are very reasonably priced. If you have kids, or even dogs, they are the place to be! I didn't bring Barkley, but I know he would've had enjoyed chasing after the lizards and frogs that found their way into our cabin!

Chris & I caught a couple Royals games when he was home and I am so glad we did because it looks like I will be moving to Augusta (Fort Gordon) in about 6 weeks and will be missing the rest of the baseball season. I am beyond excited to be able to move down there with him. He is already there and in the process of furnishing the apartment. I get to do the decorating! Woo hoo!

Oh, and my other big news is that I finally signed up for my cosmetology state boards! Now I have to start studying. I am kind of nervous since I started school so long ago and feel like I may have lost some of the information. I plan on taking my practical the day before I move to Augusta so I have one chance to pass it. pressure, huh?! I will apply for reciprocity so I will hold dual licenses in Georgia and Kansas. Finally I will actually get paid for all the hair I do! Yay!!

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