Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Party? Hell yes! Pool party? Um...not so much.

"What are the two most feared words in the English language?"
“Pool party.”
The Women (Warner Brothers, 2008)

So my going-away shindig has been planned for Memorial Weekend. Since I very well could be back in Kansas City in October, I didn't want a big hurrah over my leaving for half of a year. However once the Evite was made, and the mass text was sent, I started getting a little excited to at least be able to see all of my great friends one last time, and in a festive setting. Sadly, the hostess had a family conflict and had to cancel on me. Even sadder? Three more options opened up...and they all involve a pool. Would it be wise to let the image they remember of me be a soft, jiggly one? Could I pull off a stylish sarong without being nagged about removing it? Can I justify the carcinogenic rays of UV bulbs so I don't blind my friends with my paleness? I am thinking the answer is, "NO", to all the previous questions. What to do, what to do??? Did I really think I could go 9 years without an excersize regime? UGH. I guess I am back on South Beach and shopping for a one-piece....

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